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We're Devoted to Quality Service

For over 20 years, our company has serviced clients in the Bay Area and in the process earned a reputation for personable and professional tree service care. In 2001, Bruno Ferazza Tree Service relocated to Newcastle, CA bringing the same quality service to the residential and commercial needs of the Greater Sacramento and Foothill Areas.

What is a Certified Arborist?

An Arborist is a professional who has been trained in the art and science of the cultivation management of trees, shrubs, vines and other perennial wooded plants. Rather than managing forests and harvesting wood, arborists commonly focus on the health and safety of individual plants and trees.

Certification is a voluntary process through which an arborist can document their experience and ensures a high level of knowledge and expertise which is needed to provide proper tree care.

Why hire a Certified Arborist?

An arborist specializes in the care of individual trees. Arborists are not only knowledgeable about the needs of trees but are also trained and equipped to provide the care your tree or plant needs.

Hiring an arborist is an important decision. Proper tree care is an investment that should not be neglected. Trees that are attractive and well cared for can add great value to your property. Poorly maintained trees are not just an eyesore, but can also be a significant liability.

Pruning or removing trees, especially large trees, can be dangerous work. Tree trimming and other tree work should be done only by individuals trained and equipped to work safely. Don’t put yourself at risk by attempting to trim large trees yourself or by hiring unqualified individuals.

  • Arborist Certification# WE-8308A

  • Contractor’s License# 1058832

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