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Weight Reduction

Reducing the Weight of Your Trees

Proper tree trimming is a very important part of developing and maintaining strong and attractive trees. Different seasons bring about new challenges for your trees that can be overcome with regular tree trimming. Trees that are not trimmed on a regular basis gain unnecessary weight. This added weight can break branches, causing preventable costly damage to your property or landscape.

In the summer months the sun brings the heat that we all enjoy. But during this time of year, trees are continuously absorbing moisture from the ground in order to stay hydrated. The added moisture which collects in the tree limbs and branches will add a significant amount of weight. When a tree is not regularly trimmed in the summer time the added weight from the absorbed moisture can cause tree failure.

In the winter months most trees are also in their dormant state.  This is an advantageous time to reduce weight so to promote healthy growth in the Spring. 

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