Weight Reduction

Reducing The Weight Of Your Trees

Proper tree trimming is a very important part of developing and maintaining strong and attractive trees. Different seasons bring about new challenges for your trees that can be overcome with regular tree trimming. Trees that are not trimmed on a regular basis gain unnecessary weight. This added weight can break branches, causing costly damage to your property or landscape that could have prevented.

Bruno Ferazza Tree Service offers weight reduction as one option to tree trimming your tree. Call us today at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462.

Summer Tree Trimming

In the summer months the sun brings the heat that we all enjoy. But during this time of year, trees are constantly absorbing moisture from the ground in order to stay hydrated. In many case trees absorb too much moisture, which collects at the ends of the branches. When a tree is not regularly trimmed in the summer time the added weight from the absorbed moisture can cause tree branch breakage.

While your out enjoying the sun, don’t forget about you trees. Call Bruno Ferazza Tree Service this summer at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462 to keep your trees healthy and avoid tree branch breakage.

Winter Tree Trimming

In the winter months, the temperature drops and the winds increase. During this time of the year, your trees must be trimmed and thinned out in order to allow air to pass through. Airflow during this time is extremely important. Without proper airflow, there is more resistance to your tree as the wind blows. This resistance can eventually cause your branches to break if not tended to quickly.

This winter, call Bruno Ferazza Tree Service at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462 to have your trees trimmed and thinned out by a professional tree service company.

Here are some picures from a weight reduction job.