Mistletoe Removal

Harmful Effects of Mistletoe

Despite the cultural reverence given to the mistletoe (especial during the winter holidays) your trees do not feel the same way about them. In fact, the mistletoe is basically a parasite whose roots grow into the branch. Not only is it hazardous to the health of your tree, but it also adds unwanted weight to the branch as well. Once rooted, the mistletoe spreads it seeds to nearby trees. If not removed quickly, mistletoes can eventual lead to the death of your tree and to the trees in the surrounding area.

If you notice mistletoes growing on any of your trees, call the certified arborists of Bruno Ferazza Tree Service right away at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462 for mistletoe removal tree service.

If you are unsure, what mistletoe looks like in your tree, below are pictures from a mistletoe removal.