Tree Trimming

The Importance of Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming is a very important part of developing and maintaining strong and attractive trees. Trees that are trimmed on a regular schedule will require less corrective trimming as they mature.

Proper technique is required when trimming trees because each and every cut carries the potential to alter the growth of the tree. In fact, improper techniques can injure your tree in ways that can actually last the entire life of the tree. Call the certified arborists of Bruno Ferazza Tree Service at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462 and keep your trees safe and healthy.  We also offer tree trimming services like:

Neglecting A Tree

When a tree is injured, the wound is carried within the tree forever. In order for the tree to heal itself it must grow over it’s injuries through the process compartmentalization. Waiting too long to trim a tree is not just unhealthy but it can add unnecessary weight to the tree, causing branches to break during the winter months. Bruno Ferazza Tree Service offers weight reduction to eliminate this problem.

Give your trees and your property the proper care it deserves. Call Bruno Ferazza Tree Service at 530-885-7729 or 916-201-7462 for professional tree trimming services and keep your trees safe and healthy.

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